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I am dedicating half of my day tomorrow to listening to Carrie Underwood’s new album, “Blown Away.”

I will carefully listen to each song and list my feelings about it. Then, I will post my official review of her album.

Of course, I am always welcoming yall’s view on her album as well. Feel free to message me with your review and I will post it on here.

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I met up with a newly discovered young rapper by the name of A.T. Neros. Very talented young man with a lot to say through his music. He has a raw talent that is not easy to find these days. Everyone wants to make music and have their voice be heard in a crowd. But what makes each musician stand out and be his own artist? We’ll let A.T. answer that question for us.

Here is a brief interview I had with him;

Me: “What does music mean to you personally?”

A.T.: “Music to me is just another way for me to be creative, in the sense that I am an artist.”

Me: “How long does it take before you’re fully satisfied with a song?”

A.T.: “It takes me about a good week or so to actually begin to get a feel for where a song is going, so it really depends. I have a few songs I’ve been working on for a few months just to make sure everything is right and ready to be put out there. Even in my youtube videos, although they’re practice, I want to make sure my lyrics are correct.”

Me: “When did you realize music was your destiny?”

A.T.: “Well honestly I don’t believe it’s my destiny, to be an artist, yes, but music is just another art form yet to be mastered. But I mean, who really knows what their destiny is?”

Me: “Excellent answer. So what makes you stand out?”

A.T.: “What makes me stand out are my rhymes and music selection. But that’s really my opinion. What do you think makes me stand out?”

Me: “Who is your greatest influence and why?”

A.T.: “Kanye West. That’s really all there is to say. He was the first rapper that really caught my ear with, "Through the Wire." But the most influential album from him for me is, "Graduation."

Me: “What can we expect from you in the future?”

A.T.: “I mean I really can’t say for sure. It’s really where my skills can take me and how far I’m willing to go. Shit, I might make 6 to 20 mixtapes by next year. [Laughs]

Me: [Laughs] “Go for it.”

A.T.: “Naw, I’m bullshitting, but in truth, I really don’t know. Let’s just see what God has in store for me. And the greatest thing are you guys, “the people” watching me as I grow and it’s like y’all right here in the room with me hearing everything raw. And eventually I’ll have mastered tracks so that fans will already know my words, and as soon as a beat drops, the sing along.”

To answer his earlier question, what I think makes this man stand out is his dedication. His appreciation to raw music even when it’s disappearing before our eyes, he keeps going. That’s what makes an artist true to oneself. Not to mention, he answered the questions honest and true like a great musician.

Let’s all hope the good Lord brings this young rapper many blessings. Here is another listen to one of his songs;



I am currently seeking anyone who knows anyone who would like to be interviewed and featured on Music Tymes! I know this blog isn’t HUGE yet, but I assure you, it will be. Especially after I start doing interviews and whatnot.

Anyhow, email me and put in the subject line; “Music Tymes Interview.”

Give me a link to listen to your work or even if you are a songwriter and want your song promoted for a musician to take on, go ahead and send it me as well and we can work that out for ya.

Anyone in the music business is welcome for an interview. Great insights from professionals of course will always be accepted! Thanks, guys!


Carrie Underwood’s new album, “Blown Away” is coming to a store near you in 7 days! That’s on May 1st. Get out and flood to your local music store and buy it!

When you have accomplished this, I would love to hear your personal opinions about her CD. I, of course, will be doing a review as well.


A young rapper by the name of A.T. Neros! His old style rapping keeps you wanting more!

An interview with A.T. himself is currently in the works! Go ahead and support his work!



       With their recent release of “Ceremonials,” Florence + The Machine have once again proved their style through their music. The album itself is a tad overwhelming, but hey, that’s their newly adopted trademark. In a recent interview, lead singer, Florence Welch informed the public of her love for “big fat choirs” and “gospel-sounding music” with loud, beating drums. No doubt that that is all you hear throughout this album. The track, “Heartlines” is an impeccable example of choirs and Africa-like drum beats with lyrics so complex yet simple. “Only If for a Night” provides an in-depth look into her childhood with a classic bass drop in the middle of the song and provides and imagery so real, it’s as if we are taken back to that specific memory with her. “Shake it Out” along with the previous two tracks listed, is one of the stronger ones on the album. It’s an anthem and a cry out from those who rebel against the norm and refuse to be brought down by life’s adversaries. Hence the line, “And it’s hard to dance with the devil on your back, so shake him off.”

Some of the weaker tracks include, “Seven Devils,” while it provides an artistic influence, there really seems to be no change in the music. It’s the same beat throughout the majority of the track. “All This and Heaven Too” is another weaker track. While the beginning works itself out, as it nears the bridge and on to the end, it seems to lose its way and the lyrics don’t quite fit the music.

In another interview, Florence once again shared with us her love for water. She was quoted saying, “When I was a kid, I would sink to the bottom of the pool and just lay there, feeling the water. I’m trying to get that feeling back. That’s what I’m trying to create with my music.” I think we can ALL agree that she has gone above and beyond in accomplishing that feeling.

Personally, my favorite tracks on “Ceremonials” are, “Shake it out,” “Only If for a Night,” “Heartlines,” “Spectrum,” “What the Water Gave Me,” and “Leave My Body.” Overall, the album as a whole is very strong and stays true to the core sounds of the band. While this band is on the rise, they could easily fall and lose their way as so many other bands have done. Although, I think it’s very safe to say that Florence + The Machine will never lose their way and will instead help show us the way through their world. A world full of mystery, imagery, memories, magic and betrayal.


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    Music, my dear friend!


Hello, my name is Elizabeth Ware and I am your host! I am a 20 year old goofball who can’t for the life of me rid myself of music. SO, with that being said, this blog is dedicated to those musicians, artists, solo singers and any other alien out there who does not get the recognition they so desire. That is where I come in. I want to be an advocate for those bands whom are just starting out and want a little publicity to help give them that extra push.

Today, our world of music is catagorized by two things:
1. Auto tune
2. Youngsters who know not what they do

I’m not interested in any of that.


Please don’t hide behind autotune. Especially if you have the voice of an angel. Do you really want that talent going to waste? Neither do I.

These youngsters such is Justin, Miley, Taylor, Benji, whomever; well okay yeah, I respect what they do, but come on? Not really all that real music. Where’s the soul? The feel? The raw talent?

Like this;

Unfortunaltely; Laura is no longer with us.

That is the raw talent I seek that needs to come back to life in order to have the music business continue to be taken seriously. We don’t need a bunch of kids running this business. Professionals need to be in there somewhere right? Especially if we want the Music Business to continue to be taken seriously.

Well, thanks for the read. I’m working on a review of Florence + The Machine. I will post it tomorrow!

Many Blessings,